The Arctic is also known as the North Pole because yep, you guessed it, it’s at the North of the planet. Unsurprisingly, it’s absolutely freezing, with an average winter temperature of -30°C.

The most famous resident of the Arctic is definitely the polar bear, who have adapted to the cold and extreme weather. Some other hardy animals, like arctic foxes, live there too, and you can find wales, walruses, and seals swimming in the Arctic Ocean.

The Arctic is formed of continually shifting sheets of sea-ice, surrounded by land. The sea ice is super important to the creatures that live in the Arctic. Polar bears need sea ice to hunt, and raise their families. But sea ice is melting, fast. This is due to climate change which is caused by humans using fossil fuels.

Here at YWPF we work with our partner organisation, Polar Bears International who are working really hard to save polar bears and their sea ice home.

Where we work

Through Polar Bears International’s projects, we work in Canada, Greenland, Russia and Norway.

Our projects

Polar Bears International Education Project: YWPF funds a Polar Bears International education programme, which aims to educate communities, especially school children, who live in the range states of wild polar bears. The programme aims to explain the importance of looking after these amazing animals and their habitat.

Our Partners:

Polar Bears International is the only organization dedicated solely to wild polar bears and exists to help secure a future for polar bears across the arctic

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