You definitely know of all the wild animals that live in Europe: foxes, rabbits, badgers… even reindeer and snakes in some places. What about Polar Bears? They don’t live in Europe, right? Well, they actually do! Polar Bears can be found in the most northerly parts of the continent, like Norway, Russia and Greenland. See, some really exciting animals aren’t THAT far from where you live! We work in European Arctic territories, through projects run by our partners Polar Bears International, who support education in polar bear states.

Where we work

We work with our partner organisation Polar Bears International in Norway, Greenland and Russia.

Our projects

Polar Bears International Education Programme

YWPF funds a Polar Bears International programme, which aims to educate communities – especially school children – who live in the range states of wild polar bears in Norway, Greenland and Russia, The programme aims to explain the importance of looking after these amazing animals and their habitat.

Our Partners:

Polar Bears International

is the only organisation dedicated solely to wild polar bears and exists to help secure a future for polar bears across the arctic.

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