Fauna & Flora International: Take part in active conservation whilst sitting on your sofa!

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Photo Credit: FFI & Bucknell University

Want to do your bit to help conserve wildlife in one of the world’s most under studied regions without even leaving the house? Fauna and Flora International and partners need your help to identify animals in camera trap photos as part of a research project in South Sudan.

Primarily working in the dense tropical forests of the southwestern corner of the region, extensive camera trapping efforts have captured over 425,000 images so far, gathering critical data on elephants and chimpanzees, new species range expansions and the effects of poaching.

By simply identifying any animals that you see in the camera trap photos, you’ll help Fauna & Flora gain a better understanding of the biodiversity, abundance, behaviour, and distributions, which will ultimately lead to improved conservation planning in this extraordinary environment. You don’t have to be an expert either!

Although rich in culture, biodiversity, and resources, South Sudan’s people are among the poorest in the world. Continued conflict has blocked research and conservation for decades, and both people and wildlife continue to suffer greatly from the costs of war.

Despite the many challenges and danger, conservationists at Fauna & Flora International and Bucknell University remain committed to the protection of the wildlife and their habitats.

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