Despite the recent cooler conditions in parts of Australia, there are still many devastating bush fires burning across the continent, with reports now estimating that 800 million native animals, such as kangaroos, wallabies and koalas, have been affected by the disaster in New South Wales alone. Disturbing reports now claim that more than one billion animals are believed to have died nationally in the crisis, with many more injured or displaced due to habitat loss. Without the safety of their habitats, it also means that native species are increasingly more vulnerable to harmful predators.

YWPF is proud to be working with the Zoo and Aquarium Association, Australasia (ZAA) to raise money for the wildlife affected in Australia.

The ZAA are formally coordinating a phased response for immediate support, the emerging needs of affected wildlife and also the longer-term requirements of wildlife and habitat rehabilitation, rewilding and population sustainability.

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This approach aims to execute three key phases:

Phase one

placing rescued native animals with appropriate facilities and expert care for treatment, ongoing rehabilitation and preparation to return to the wild.

Phase two

assessing the impacts on wildlife and habitat to understand where rehabilitation efforts are most needed.

Phase three

medium and long-term recovery efforts to return healthy animals to regenerated habitats and revive and sustain populations of wildlife in affected areas.


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