Wanting to raise money for YWPF but struggling to think of fundraising ideas? Look no further! We’ve put together an A-Z list of fantastic fundraising activities that anyone can get involved with!

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  • Abseil – For the more daring amongst you, why not do a sponsored abseil. Great for fundraising, a sponsored abseil is a sure fire way of getting the adrenaline flowing!
  • Afternoon tea – As a nation dedicated to the pursuit of the perfect cup of tea, we’re all partial to a few scones and a pot of Earl Grey. So why not grab your friends, colleagues or your whole village for an afternoon of cakes, tea and fundraising.
  • Auction – Need to make some space in your house? Looking to give a few unwanted possessions a new home? An auction is a great way of doing all of this while helping a worthy cause.
  • Auction of skills/services – Are you a bit of a handy man/woman? Bit of a computer whiz? Great at interior design? Why not get a group of you together and auction off services and skills to the highest bidder? Everyone needs a chauffeur for the day, right?


  • Bake sale – Everyone loves a good Victoria Sponge cake, so why not indulge your sweet tooth with a bake sale. Whether you’re running the bake sale at work, at school, in a community hall or just at home, bake sales are a great way of raising money!
  • BBQ – Hot sunny days are a rarity in Britain, why not make the most of it with a BBQ. By charging friends and family a small entrance fee, you could provide a BBQ food, drinks and entertainment and give the proceeds to charity.
  • Bingo – Bingo’s not just for the more experience members of the Great British public, it’s great fun for all ages and you might raise a bit of cash for a good cause in the process.
  • Bike ride – “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike …” Grab some mates, pick a destination and cycle to it. Fantastic for your health and you may save the lives of animals across the globe!


  • Car washing – Everyone loves having a clean car, even if it does only last for a few days. Why not capitalise on this, gather a few friends together and offer car washes, with the proceeds going to charity.
  • Cinema screening – Have a DVD collection to rival Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky Movies combined? Why not put them to good use and offer friends, family, work colleagues or people from the village a cinema night. This can be done anywhere from a school hall, at work, home or even outside at night with a projector. You know what goes well with the movies? Popcorn! Buy some in or make your own and we guarantee your night will be amazing, all in aid of a great cause.
  • Coffee morning – Everyone needs a coffee to function in the morning, right? Maybe, it’s just me … Anyway, coffee mornings are a fantastic way of getting people through the day with their daily caffeine fix, and collecting donations in the process. These can be done anywhere, from your workplace to your home!


  • Darts match- Whether you’re a seasoned darts professional or just enjoy a few pints and a game or two in the pub, darts is a great way of raising money for charity! Charge an entry fee and make it interesting, 180!
  • Disco/Dances – Raise some money by shaking your tail feathers! Disco’s and Dance’s are a fantastic way of having fun, seeing friends and making money for charity, all you need is a venue, a DJ and some people!


  • eBay Auction – Have an eBay account? Need to get rid of some unwanted possessions? eBay i a great way of selling unwanted items and raising money for charity.


  • Fancy dress days – Fantastic fun for work or school, fancy dress days are an easy way to raise money. Charge a small donation for everyone who participates and have a great time!
  • Football match – We’re a nation obsessed with the beautiful game, and it’s a fantastic way of raising money. Organising a charity football match is easy, all you need are two teams of either 5,6,7 or 11 players and some spectators. Charge an entry fee, collect money at half time, have a BBQ, the possibilities are endless!
  • Fun run – Dig those running shoes out and organise a fun run. Get a big group of you together and get sponsored!


  • Games night – A games night is such an easy and fun way of raising money for charity, pick someones house, choose a few games and charge an entry fee.


  • Head shave – Get sponsored to shave your head.
  • Healthy day – Get sponsored to eat healthy, whether it be just for a day or even a week.
  • How many sweets are in the jar – Have people make a small donation to guess how many sweets are in the jar.


  • It’s a knockout challenge – Have teams and take an entry fee to compete in your very own ‘It’s a Knockout’ course.
  • Ironing – Can you do your family and friends ironing for a small fee to raise money.


  • Jumble sale – Get some old things together and have a jumble sale to raise some money.
  • Jewellery making stall – Make some bracelets with some beads and buttons and old string and sell them for a small fee.


  • Karaoke – Have people make a small donation to attend your very own karaoke night.
  • Keep fit session – Get down to your local field and charge a short fee for a session (a great way to keep in shape too)!


  • Loose change collection – Ask people to donate their loose change – every little helps.
  • Left handed day – Try and do everything with your left hand for a day.


  • Marathon event – Decide on your challenge and get your family and friends to sponsor you.
  • Music quiz – Whether it be at your local pub or at home with family and friends get everyone that takes part to pay a small fee.


  • Non-uniform day – At school or at work get everyone to pay a small donation to wear non-uniform.
  • Name the teddy – At a summer or Christmas fayre, choose a name for the teddy and let people guess for a small fee.


  • Office Olympics – Host your very own olympics in the office and get people to pay a small fee to participate.
  • Office collection day – Have a collection around the office of loose change to raise money.


  • Press up challenge – Challenge yourself to as many press ups as you think you can do and get people to sponsor you.
  • Pub games night- Have a different game on each table, people can pay a small fee to play.


  • Quiz night – Whether it be at your local pub or at home with family and friends get everyone that takes part to pay a small fee.
  • Quit your naughty habits- Get people to sponsor you to quit your naughty habits for a day, a week or forever!


  • Raffle – Have local businesses donate small prizes and raffle them off to raise money.
  • Race night- Have a race night at your local pub or community hall to raise money.


  • Sponsored swim – Get people to sponsor you to swim so many lengths in the pool.
  • Sponsored silence- Get people to sponsor you to be silent for a full day.


  • Tombola – Get local businesses to donate prizes and let a raffle ticket out of a barrel for a small fee and match it with a ticketed prize.
  • Talent competition – Have people compete in a talent contest for a small fee and judge a winner at the end.


  • Unusual clothes day – For a small fee let people wear unusual clothes to work or school for a day.
  • Unwanted gifts day – Tell people to bring in unwanted gifts and raffle them off for a small fee.


  • Vegetable eating – Get people to sponsor you to eat the vegetables you don’t like for a week.
  • Video-a-thon – Stay up for a whole 24 hours with your friends watching your favourite films and get propel to sponsor you.


  • Walk to work – Get people sponsor you to walk to work for a week.
  • Waxing – Do you dare to get your legs, arms or armpits waxed? Get people to sponsor you to do it!


  • X-pletives – Have a swear jar in your office have people put money in for every explicit word they say – £1 each word!


  • Yes day – Having to say yes to every question for a day sounds difficult right? Have people sponsor you to give it a good go.
  • Yellow day – Get everyone to wear something yellow to work for a day for a small fee.


  • Zumba day – Can you Zumba for the longest? Have a day of Zumba and see who can last the longest – charge a small entry fee.

So what are you waiting for? Download our sponsorship form by clicking the button below and start doing your bit to help protect the world’s most endangered species!