YWPF Launch their 2020 COVID Animal Conservation Appeal

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A charity appeal to raise funds for the conservation projects for animals in the wild supported by Yorkshire Wildlife Park has been launched.  The Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation (YWPF)’s 2021 COVID Animal Conservation Appeal aims to raise £50,000 to support projects to save species including, Polar Bears, Amur Tigers, Giant Otter, Hunting Dogs and Black Rhinos.  Visitors to the award winning park donate tens …

Polar Bear

It’s International Polar Bear Day! Learn how YWPF are helping to save the Polar Bear

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Wednesday 27th February is International Polar Bear Day, in association with Polar Bears International (PBI), our partner charity for YWPF’s flagship project, Project Polar. This combines the three objectives of YWPF: conservation, welfare and education. It is a programme for conservation and a centre for research, to help bears both in the wild and in zoos. This is crucial work …

Miracle Wallaby and her new joey help raise funds for Australian Wildlife Bush Fire Crisis

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A wallaby, who recovered after being shot by thugs, has given birth months after being left for dead and is now spearheading the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation campaign to raise funds to help crisis-stricken wildlife in Australia. New mum named Wilding, who was nursed back to health and rehabilitated at the award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park after the sickening incident, and …

IUCN Guidelines for Assessing Species’
Vulnerability to Climate Change Now Available in Spanish

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International climate conservation efforts will be given a major boost at a summit hosted at the award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park this week. Experts from the Climate Change Specialist Group of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation and Nature) will agree the plan for the next stages of a significant new climate change initiative to promote a deeper understanding of climate change, its …