North America

When you think of animals that live in North America, you might think of some of the well known ones we don’t have here in Europe, like moose, coyote, racoons or groundhogs. When we tell you the animal we support in North America, you probably won’t believe us… polar bears! Yes, really!

The further you get up the North American continent the colder it gets. It basically starts as tropical forests and deserts, and ends up in freezing cold tundra. That’s a lot of climates for one continent!

The tip-top, northern part of Canada is actually in the Arctic. That’s where we work. We’re really to proud support our partners, Polar Bears International, in their work to protect polar bears in Canada.

Where we work

We work with our partner organisation Polar Bears International in Manitoba, Northern Canada.

Our projects

Polar Bears International Programme

YWPF funds a Polar Bears International education programme, which aims to educate communities – especially school children – who live in the range states of wild polar bears in Canada. The programme aims to explain the importance of looking after these amazing animals and their habitat.

Our Partners:

Polar Bears International

is the only organisation dedicated solely to wild polar bears and exists to help secure a future for polar bears across the arctic.

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