Painted Dog Conservation: A partner charity conservation update News

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Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation proudly supports the Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) organisation that protects the second most endangered carnivore in Africa.

Based in Zimbabwe, PDC works alongside local communities to create a sustainable environment for both villagers and painted dogs.

In June, Painted Dog Conservation successfully rescued a pair of painted dogs and their three-week-old pups after being contacted by locals in the village of Phindo.

The dogs were reported to be predating on local livestock in and around the village, and with villagers having previously resorted to taking their own action, the dogs and their pups needed to be rescued before being relocated to PDCs rehabilitation facility.

A safe capture

After 14 hours of careful and considered approach work, both the male and female painted dogs were caught by PDCs team allowing them to safely dig the left-behind puppies out from the den which sat two meters below ground and was only accessible by a seven-meter tunnel.

The family were then transported to PDCs rehabilitation facility where they will stay until the pups are big enough and ready to be released into the wild.

Shifting attitudes

The rescue is a huge step forward for the Painted Dog Conservation. 

Previously, the dogs would have likely been killed by frustrated villagers without hesitation but the fact they contacted PDC on this occasion speaks volumes.

Despite losing livestock through predation, the village has now demonstrated a clear willingness to adapt and support the work of the PDC programme.

Sterling work

The main threat to painted dogs is habitat fragmentation which increases their contact with people and domestic animals. This increased contact can result in conflict or the spread of diseases.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation supports PDCs multiple programmes that don’t only include anti-poaching and anti-snare patrol measures but also vaccinations to protect domestic dogs too.