South America

South America is home to lots of weird and wonderful wildlife! It’s an absolutely huge continent, with lots of different habitats, from rivers to mountains, and the world’s largest rainforest: the Amazon. It covers a whopping 9 countries and is home to hundreds and hundreds of animals. There are some other really cool rainforests in South America too, like the Atlantic Forest, which have been a safe home for loads of animals and plants for a long time.

But these important habitats are disappearing fast. Scarily fast. People are destroying them to use the resources they find there, or to use the land for agriculture. The animals that live there are finding it harder and harder to find a safe place to live, food to eat, and just to survive.

This is where some amazing organisations, like the ones we work with here at YWPF come in. They’re fighting hard to save the special animals who live in South America, and their homes, including Jaguar, Giant otters, Maned wolves, Lowland tapir.

Where we work

There are 12 countries in South America. Our projects take place in two of these: Brazil and Argentina.

Our projects

WildCare Institute Atlantic Forest Project

YWPF have provided funding for a project run by WildCare Institute, based in the Atlantic Forest in Misiones, Argentina, to help strengthen a ‘green corridor’ sanctuary for endangered animals, based in the Atlantic Forest in Misiones, Argentina. The funding will help in the creation of a ‘biological corridor’ to preserve the forest and create a safe haven for hundreds of endangered species who live there, including the Maned wolf, Lowland tapir and Jaguar. The project will fund a series of 18 educational and interactive workshops, led by some of Argentina’s leading environmental professionals designed to provide local communities with the skills and knowledge to improve their own livelihoods, such as livestock management, land restoration. As well as helping local communities to treasure wildlife, by providing education and alternatives to hunting and increasing enforcement measures to improve species survival.

Protecting Giant Otters with Instituto Araguaia

We work with Instituto Araguaia, who run a key project to protect giant otters who live in the Araguaia River, in the Cantao State Park in Brazil, near the Amazon Basin. They are helping through research, population monitoring, and the preservation of fish stocks in the river, to make sure the otters have plenty to eat.

Our Partners:

WildCare Institute

is based at Saint Louis Zoo, in the USA, and works to create a sustainable future for wildlife, from beetles to elephants, all over the world.
Instituto Araguaia

Instituto Araguaia

is an organization dedicated to protecting the biodiversity of the Araguaia River basin through various means like carrying our research and running community projects.

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