The Environmental Consumable Recycling & Collection Programme

Toning Up with Dell and Brother News

Since 2013 both Yorkshire Wildlife Park and Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation have been part of the Dell and Brother Environmental Consumable Recycling & Collection Programme.

If you have visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park or followed the Park and the Foundation online, you will know how committed we are to protecting the environment for species, ecosystems and future generations. Recycling is a huge part of YWP and YWPF’s environmental strategy, with 1% of the Park’s waste actually ending up landfill.

We take this stance with our printer consumables as well, with a 100% recycling rate on used Dell and Brother toner cartridges since we started the programme in 2013. When our empty toner cartridges reach the recycling facility, absolutely nothing goes to landfill. Any empty cartridge they cannot be recycle, they will bring to new life as part of their commitment to the circular economy!

For every four Brother toner cartridges we recycle through the scheme, Brother have pledged that they will protect one tree within the Amazon rainforest, in partnership with “CoolEarth”.

On average YWP and YWPF use 35 toner cartridges across site each month, resulting in a yearly yield of 420 cartridges being recycled through the scheme, which helps to protect 105 additional trees in the Amazon rainforest each year.

Since we joined the scheme, 0% of our used printer consumables have gone to landfill and we have already helped protect 250 Amazonian trees!

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