The Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation funds its fourth consecutive project with Save the Rhino International

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The Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation (YWPF) is at the heart of the fight to save rhinos from extinction as their numbers continue to be devastated by poachers.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation is funding its fourth consecutive project with Save the Rhino International at the Ol Jogi Conservancy in Kenya.  This latest project is the second phase of a reserve wide plan to provide cameras for a monitoring and security scheme to protect Black Rhino as part of its continuing efforts for the conservation of the critically endangered species.

The pioneering remote motion-sensitive camera system captures pictures of rhinos in the wild which will provide vital intelligence for their security and welfare, as well as contributing to ongoing research about these elusive animals. It is vitally important in an extensive reserve which covers some 60,000 hectares. This builds on a previous project funded by YWPF for the first phase of the camera installation and thermal imaging cameras. Other YWPF projects with Save the Rhino International included the provision of digital radios for rangers and building a boma (shelter) for orphaned or injured young rhino.

Rhino numbers in the wild have reduced dramatically over the past decades with the advent of organised poaching. The black rhino population fell from 65,000 in 1973 to just 2,300 in 1990. Today, Black rhino numbers have recovered to almost 6,000 but poaching is still a major concern as their horns are valuable commodities in Chinese medicine.

 “The long term support from the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation has played a vital role in supporting and strengthening our rhino conservation efforts,” said a Save the Rhino International spokesman.

“It is so sad to the continued threat to rhinos in the wild, but we are part of a strong international effort that is fighting back,” said Cheryl Williams, trustee of the Yorkshire Wildlife Foundation, ‘ the progress made a Ol Jogi is encouraging and illustrates how collaborative efforts can make an impact’.

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