Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation Celebrates Wildlife Day

Wildlife Day is about raising awareness surrounding endangered animals and the work that organisations are doing to preserve these amazing animals to ensure their survival for future generations.

YWPF was created in 2013 to be a dynamic catalyst for inspiring people to support conservation and welfare. Read how YWPF have supported endangered animals around the world:

Lion Conservation
YWPF are funding a three year £34,500 initiative at an African national reserve to protect lions. The landmark project will pay for a whole range of new measures, including the recruitment of rangers to track and monitor the lions.

Polar Bears
YWPF are proud supporters of the IUCN Species Survival Commission and Polar Bears International. Both organisations work hard to find ways of improving conservation actions for species impacted by climate change.

Amur Leopards
YWPF are proud supporters of the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA), a charity committed to the conservation of both Amur Leopards and Tigers in Eastern Russia. YWP in association with YWPF and ALTA are part of an international breeding programme, with an aim to reintroduce offspring back into the wild. On the 28th June 2015, Yorkshire Wildlife Park welcomed the birth of two Amur leopard cubs, Anadyr and Teva. These cubs and their parents, Drake and Freya, could be critical in an international plan to reintroduce them back into the native habitat.

Giant Otters
YWPF is an active supporter of a key project in remote areas of South America to preserve the Giant Otter threatened by deforestation, commercial fisheries, and increased industrialisation across the Amazon Basin.

YWPF are regular supporters of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF). GCF is the only NGO in the world that concentrates solely on the conservation and management of giraffe in the wild across Africa.

YWPF awarded a 3 year grant of £5,000 a year to help establish and run a protected reserve to help save the blue-eyed black lemur from extinction. The project is run by the AEECL (Association Européenne pour l’Étude et la Conservation des Lémuriens), who work in the remote north-west reaches of the Indian Ocean island Madagascar.

Painted Dogs
YWPF support the Painted Dog Conservation’s vaccine programme in Zimbabwe, which protects the domestic dogs from diseases like canine distemper which is spread to and kills painted dogs. 

Black Rhinos
YWPF are proud supporters of Save the Rhino, a charity committed to conserving rhino species across the world. YWPF has funded two key projects that will protect black and white rhino populations across Kenya, which are being ruthlessly targeted by poachers.

Bactrian Camels
YWPF are proud supporters of the Wild Camel Protection Foundation, a charity solely committed to the protection of the wild bactrian camel. YWPF funded a major conservation project where six were released back into the wild. The Bactrian camels had to be taken across in hospitable terrain to release points at oasis sites 600 and 250 kilometres from their breeding centre near the Mongolia-China border in journeys that took up to 15 hours.

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